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My brother who is deployed in Afganistan bought a buggy from them to enjoy on his R&R.He did not check the BBB before buying,then the BS starts.Unless you are looking for"sales" good luck getting an answer( doesnt work after 1st call-wont answer once they know your number.My main problem was the MSO was wrong since they actually do business as atleast 3 different names.Next dayed my bad MSO to one lady in the company that was the only one to help me,called next day to see if they had fixed MSO and sent back- was told she was let go.Talked to the only person there was told he would look into it but could not call me back only email me and hung up,called back and he hung up again.That was my last contact 2 months ago.Finally talked to business next door and its not like the PICTURES show on the web site,it is one OLD man in 50s with his son Drop shipping from a small office.This southern REDNECK has a new year trip planned to the SF area to visit this small old man and get Satisfaction MY WAY! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM GO KARTS USA---- YOU WILL BE SORRY !!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $5500.

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Oh my gosh...so nervous now. A part broke on my son's Carbide we got him for Christmas and we just placed order for part # 157F.10.420-SDA.

If we do have trouble getting this from them, does anyone know a reputable dealer??? This is all new to me, so I'm just finding places online :-/

Fort Mill, South Carolina, United States #591617

Your a *** but you have an opinion just as I do, I live in SC and I work construction so no I'm not their competition, so you got done right and all the other post on here people got screwed and you are the one who looks like the mole and yes this company is the one with the *** BBB rating! They satisfy 1 out of 10 customers and you think you know everything , you got a little go Matt for what $800-1200, my brother got screwed on a $6000 purchase and I will warn people about this company till the day I die! Your entitled to your opinion but don't question my integrity I will give you my number if you have more to say about me or my brother, and I bet you voted for that *** in the white house also ,just saying, Brian


As you read this BS, keep in mind the Go Kart USA noted in some of these as "you'd better check the BBB first" is not the same company. Go to BBB and look at locations before these bozo's talk you out of going to where the best prices are for the same exact product. Must be their competition who created this site.

Lapeer, Michigan, United States #591317

contrary to what I'm reading here, I bought a go kart from go kart usa for my children and have had no issues at all. Any time I've called them, they been right there to help.

I would bet that all the hate you'll read on this is from their competition who likely can't beat their prices. Some of these stories have to make you question their validity. "My brother in the military bought...". Come on!

My children have been buzzing around on their best priced go kart from go kart usa with not one issue contrary to all this BS. I guess if I were the competition and had no way to compete, I may turn into a snake as well and resort to this type of website.


Yes, did not know cust service was bad, but I know their products are junk. I unfort bought two, and been refabing many of the paperthin metal parts ever since just so I dont have a complete loss (3,600 for 2).

They have been towed home many times from the beginning, on top of the stress that is caused with the kids. HE IS RIGHT, do NOT buy from Go Cart USA. Not a Honda, and not quality in any way!!!! I would gladly take 500 for both at 1 year old.

dirty shame. Buy American, and add your own accesseries.

Even if it just is for th back yard.P.S. The other chinese ones are probally not much better, but DO NOT BUY FROM Go Cart USA


I think it is werid that there is no actual place to go and see these dune buggies, go karts etc. I deceided to look up the manufacture Kinroad runmaster.

Nice web sight but no way to contact them..just by email!

Sounds like a scam. Glad I did my research, and did not waste my money.


They hosed me. My kart arrive missing a wheel.

The *** service tech told me to return it to the manufacturer for a replacement. Obviously returning a missing part is difficult. He then said I was abusive and hung up. After that they won't answer if you call back.

They don't reply to emails. I am in the process of disputing the charge with my credit card company.


:) :cry :( :? :x


We ordered a bunch of parts from them. Only some of them were shipped.

When I called they said they were left out of the box and they would re-ship and we'd see them in 5 days. That was weeks ago. When we call the support number it either hangs up on us or we get put on eternal hold, (over an hour). One red flag should've been the lack of any satisfaction guarantee on their website.

Trying to contact them via their website or email is a JOKE.



They ripped my son off for over $800.00 I am starting a class action law suit if you are interested.


GOKARTS USA is a disreputable company and operated by disreputable people, I received a phone call from a Representative from GOKARTS USA and this person cussed me call me a “SON OF A ***” and telling me that a posses from GOKARTS USA “would come to my house and get me and JACK ME UP”. I called GOKARTS USA to complain and the person I spoke to (Supposedly a Manager) refused to listen to the voice mail left by one of his employees…How could anyone run a business in this manner??



Gokarts USA is a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am actually embarrassed to have done business with this company. I should have done my research, not just on different go karts, but on this company.

Product was supposed to come 90% assembled, with buyer needing to do "dealer prep," tightening bolts, attaching battery, etc. The gokart came in pieces, literally the frame was not even assembled. Was supposed to come with "assembly manual" and "very good information." It came with no assembly manual and when we called "tech support," they said no manual was available, that they couldn't help us, and that we should pay a qualified mechanic to put it together. Mind you, the person I had assembling it is an employee of mine who maintains all my farm equipement (tractors, riding lawnmower, etc.), so he's no novice when it comes to vehicles and machinery. Some of the holes were not lined up and had to be redrilled. Took close to 6 hours to get the go kart assembled. Customer service was rude and indifferent about all the issues we encountered.

Now on to the product, a Kinroad Bantam 110 dune buggy. Day 1: tire came off rim; Day 5: horn fell off; Day 7: both headlights fell off; Day 10: another tire went flat; passenger seatbelt broke. Is there a warranty? Not through GoKarts USA, of course, and since there's no product information, I have no information about a manufacturer warranty.

They claim you're getting 50% off retail, but I found a similar go kart locally, fully assembled, for only $200 more than I paid for this one.


to AJFITZ Ontario, California, United States #649854

I love to see these things .....they help so many people! thanks!

For years I have been a builder of vintage go karts and mini bikes using the Azusa and the genuine Taco mini bike parts The Taco parts and frames are A+ quality for someone who has the skill to build your own bike. Most of the extra parts are from Azusa Engineering they have been around since the 60s sadly they have had to out sourse parts so the Quality is low but they work on yard karts .....THE Real problem is the China bikes and karts which sell at a very low cost, poor quality and no parts I have tried to repair scooters and the likes.... just China junk buyer beware!!!!! as I have seen these sold at chain stores it makes me ill to see consumers buy these with hard earned cash or for there kids fun...many have had safety concerns and fines (see baja mini bikes recall)....

To close the taco mini bike parts are great!designed in the build in the USA..... try another source at great site is oldminibikes.com....or spend the extra money with a real motorcycle co.....Distribtators like this give the good guys a bad name

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